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Johan Thomas Lundbye

male / Danish
graphic artist, painter, draftsman
Kalundborg 1818-09-01
Bredstedt 1848-04-25/1848-04-26
Bedsted/Bedstedt (N-Schleswig). // Saur-index: 25.4.1848 or 26.4.1848 Bedsted (Schleswig) // Thieme/Becker: 26.4.1848 Bedsted bei Schleswig // Weilbach: 25. 4. 1848 Bedsted ved Tønder // Norregard-Nielsen: Bedsted, North Slesvig; according to Wikipedia (Danish) he also died in Kalundborg
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  • Denemarken 1832 - 1845-06-05
    left on 5 June 1845 for a study trip to Italy and traveled through Germany (the Rhine), Switserland (Basel and Geneva) and France (Marseille)
  • Italië 1846
    especially in the Roman Campagna
  • Haarlem 1846-07-06 - 1846-07-07
    On his way home from Italy he visited Haarlem, Amsterdam and Artis
  • Amsterdam 1846-07-06 - 1846-07-15
  • Artis (Amsterdam) 1846-07-08 - 1846-07-12
    Lundbye visited the Artis Zoo on 8, 11 and 12 July and made several drawings
  • Hamburg-Altona 1846-07-16 - 1846-07-17
  • Denemarken 1846-07-18 - 1848-04-26
    During the First War in Schleswig '.. in the spring of 1848 he enlisted in the army like many other young artists.He died (...) on 26 April 1848. There is some question as to whether he died from an accidental shot, or whether the chronically depressed artist took his own life.'(Wikipedia English)
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animal painting (genre), genre, landscape (as genre), portrait
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