Dom Martin Martin

male / French
Martinus Monachus
Paris 1889-12-19
Archives de Paris, birth certificates 1889, no. 1741
Portugal 1965-10-08
Convent of the Sisters of Saint Dorothea, Linhó (Sintra)
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Wolfers Frères executed Dom Martin's designs for liturgical silverware and metalworks (1926-1939), with lacquer work by Marcel Wolfers on some pieces. Dom Martin and Anto Carte collaborated under the artist's label La Croix Latine (1929-1939) which they founded in 1929.
Biographical information
Period of activity
1922 - 1955
Active in
  • Leuven 1922 - 1950
    designed liturgical vestments, silverware and metalworks, ecclesiastical jewellery and furniture, altars at Keizersberg Abbey (Mont César Abbey); executed silverware at the abbey 1924-1926
  • Brussel 1926 - 1939
    collaboration with Wolfers Frères for execution of liturgical silverware and metalworks
  • Parijs 1939 - 1960
    collaboration with Tétard Frères for execution of liturgical silverware
  • Sintra (Lissabon) 1950 - 1955
born in
active in
died in
silver, brass, pencil, aquarel paint (watercolor), India ink
documented examples of (ecclesiastical) silverware, jewellery and chased copper reliefs produced by Dom Martin himself; numerous design drawings survived
The work of Dom Martin Martin osb in western European artistic and ecclesiastical context circa 1925-1950 is the subject of the ongoing doctoral research project by drs. Ko Goubert (M museum Leuven & Vrije Universiteit Brussel, ThIS Research Group).
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