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Philipp Wilhelm von der Pfalz-Neuburg

male / German
Neuburg an der Donau 1615-11-24/1615-11-25
24 or 25 November 1615: On his grave in Neuburg the date is stated as 25. November 1615 Other sources give 24. November 1615 : the confusion is probably caused by the fact, that Neuburg changed over to the Gregorian calendar on 14 November 1615. Mistakes in counting are therefore cause for the confusion. The date of 4 October 1615, that sometimes is given, is a mistake in any case
Vienna (city) 1690-09-02
In the spring of 1690 he travelled to Vienna to participate in the coronation as emperor of his grandson Joseph. He died in Vienna during his stay on 2 September 1690.
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Only son of Wolfgang Wilhelm von der Pfalz Neuburg (1578–1653) and Magdalene (1587–1628), daughter of Wilhelm V of Bavaria . He married Anna Katharina Constantia Wasa, Princess of Poland-Lithuania and Sweden (1619–1651) on 9 June 1642 in Warsaw. The bride brought in a huge trousseau in cash as well as in goods and land possessions in Italy.
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    When the Elector Karl Ludwig died in 1685 without issue, Philipp Wilhelm became the new catholic Elector in calvinistic Heidelberg. Although Philipp Wilhelm worked out a compromise, in which both religions were equal. After Philipp Wilhelm's death this would lead to troubles with the France of Louis XIV, who claimed the Palatine in the name of his sister-in-law, Charlotte, the Duchesse d' Orleans (Liselotte von der Pfaltz): this eventually led to the destruction of the Palatine and specifically Heidelberg by the French.
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