Jean Raoux

male / French
painter, graphic artist
Montpellier 1677-06-10/1677-06-12
Born between 10 and 12 June, baptized '8 days after his birthon 20 June' (Heck/Faroult 2009, p. 198)
Paris 1734-02-10
exh. cat. 2009
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Son of Laurent Raoux, an official of the Mint; an older brother Simon is also a painter
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Active in
  • Montpellier 1693
    Enlisted by his father as an apprentice with Antoine Ranc for a period of 2½ years ; first signed and dated work 1999 (Heck/Faroult 2009, cat. 1)
  • Parijs 1703
    He goes to Paris on the express (last) wish of his father and becomes apprentice of Bon 'de Boullogne (Heck/Faroult 2009, p. 198)
  • Rome 1705 - 1706
    Dezaillier d'Argenville makes him leave for Rome; about his time there litle to nothing is known; only that he must have met the Grand Prieur de Vendôme, who was banished to Rome by Louis XIV. He will remain Raoux patron for life. (Heck/Faroult 2009, p. 198)
  • Venetië 1707 - 1709
    Due to political tensions he leaves Rome, like most Frenchmen c. 1708-1709 and goes to Venice (Heck/Faroult 2009, p. 198)
  • Padua 1709 - 1712
    works in the cathedral there
  • Rome 1714
    Heck/Faroult 2009, p. 198
  • Parijs 1714 - 1734
    settled in Paris and lived in the palace of the Grand Prieur de Vendôme, rue de Varenne (Heck/Faroult 2009, p. 199)
  • Londen (Engeland) 1720-09 - 1721-05
    According to Dezallier d'Argenville he left for London in September 1720 for a period of 8 months, after which he had to return to France on behalf of his health (Heck/Faroult 2009, p. 199)
  • Montpellier 1723
    Stays in Montpellier for several consignments (Heck/Faroult 2009, p. 199)
  • Parijs 1725 - 1734
    After leaving de Vendôme (c. 1725-26), he goes to live with the Grand Prieur, le chevalier d'Orléans, near the Temple. He dies eventually on 10 February 1734 at his house, rue Saint-Honoré. He is buried the next day, with very few people attending. There is no reaction from the Académy. Only the 'Mercure de France'publishes an obituary (Heck/Faroult 2009, p. 199)
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genre, mythology, history (as a genre), Christian religious scene, portrait
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