Hélène Schemel

female / German, Dutch
art dealer (person)
German, Dutch
Noordrijn-Westfalen (state) 1850-01-26 (geboren in Haus Beck, Westfalen, Preussen, Duitsland)
Hoek van Holland 1907-02-21
perished on the Harwich boat the S.S. Berlin, wrecked at Hoek van Holland
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married October 9, 1880 to the painter David Adolphe Constant Artz (1837-1890); married 25 November 1897 to Friedrich Gustav Julius Süs
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  • Berlijn
  • Laan van Meerdervoort 1880 - 1907
    Artz-Schemel traded the paintings of her husband in the 1880s, especially through Goupil. Maison Artz was located at Laan van Meerdervoort 91, The Hague. It is said that she initiated (together with Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Gruppé) the sale of Mesdag's works in America.
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