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Anthon Schoonjans

painter, draftsperson, court painter
court painter in Vienna, Berlin and Düsseldorf
South Netherlandish
Ninove 1655-03/1655-03-05
baptized 5 March 1655 in Ninove as son of Joannes Schoonians (wine merchant) and Anna de Gruytere (, retrieved 5 April 2017)
Vienna (city) 1726-08-12/1726-08-13
Levin 1911, p. 22 (12 August); 13 August according to family website
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son of Joannes Schoonians (wine merchant) and Anna de Gruytere in Nonove
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Active in
  • Antwerpen (stad) 1668 - 1669
    apprentice in the Guild of St. Luke, Antwerp between 18 September 1668 and 18 September 1669(Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961)
  • Reims 1673-03 - 1673-05
    On 24 July 1674, Willem van Ehrenberg (37) and Remacle Zerin (24) declare in front of a notary under solemn oath, that they saw Anton Schoonjans 16 monts earlier in Rheims, where he painted a Nativity and that they socialized with him while he was painting this canvas and that he was very well liked and honoured in the city. On 1 October 1674, two other young men confirm this statement for the same notary, adding that they saw that the painting was packed and sent off to Lille with a certain mr. Cocq from Antwerp (Duverger 1999 no. 3052).
  • Parijs
  • Rome 1674 - 1686
    was a member of the Bentvueghels; in Rome he lived in 1684 on Strada Marghutta verso il Babuino, nº 54 together a Dutchman/Fleming Baldassar and Carel de Vogelaer (Hoogewerff 1942)
  • Lyon 1686
    Bodart 1970, p. 203
  • Rome 1688 - 1689
    lived in the Corso, near Via di Ripetta
  • Wenen (stad) 1693 - 1695
    court painter of Emperor Leopold I (Börsch-Supan 1967, p. 3)
  • Frankfurt am Main 1696-04-10
    with Jan Frans Douven (Levin 1911, p. 12)
  • Kassel (Hessen) 1696-04-15
    with Jan Frans Douven (Levin 1911, p. 12)
  • Hamburg (stad) 1696-04-19
    Levin 1911, p. 12
  • Kopenhagen 1696-04-26 - 1696
  • Wenen (stad)
  • Berlijn 1702 - 1703
    court painter of Friedrich I of Prussia
  • Den Haag (stad) 1704
    c. 1704
  • Londen (Engeland) 1704
    painted decorations in the little Montague house (demolished in the 1840s)
  • Amsterdam (stad) 1706
  • Düsseldorf 1707 - 1716
    court painter of Johann Wilhelm of the Palatine
  • Wenen (stad) 1716 - 1718
  • Brno 1718 - 1726
  • Wenen (stad) 1726 - 1726-08-12
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oil paint
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