Helmich van Tweenhuysen (II)

North Netherlandish, Polish
Amsterdam 1598-04/1604
c. 1604; probably in Amsterdam: 5 April 1598 a Helmich van Twenhuijsen was baptized in the Lutheran church in Amsterdam; it is also possible that this child died and that c. 1604 another Helmich was born to the same parents.
Gdańsk 1673-03/1673-03-07
buried in the St. Petrus and Paulus church in Gdansk; died at the age of 69
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son of Helmich van Tweenhuysen I (deceased for 1626), mayor of Zwolle, who was a brother of the Amsterdam merchant Lambert Tweenhuysen (1567-1625); Helmich II had a brother Arent who also was a painter Gdansk. On the activities of the Lutheran trading family Van Tweenhuysen, see E.H. Wijnroks, Handel tussen Rusland en de Nederlanden, 1560-1640. Een netwerkanalyse van de Antwerpse en Amsterdamse kooplieden, handelend op Rusland, Hilversum 2003, p. 276-279.
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  • Amsterdam
    probably in Amsterdam: in the inventory of the Amsterdam merchant David d'Orville (1627-1699) 10 paintings of Twenhusen were mentioned (Bredius 1915-1921). In the years 1621-1637 a brother and five of his sisters married in Amsterdam (Hillegers 2013, p. 76).
  • Danzig (hist.) 1635 - 1673
    probaly married Helena Cornelii Willems in Danzig in 1635 (Seekles 2010)
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portrait, tronie
oil paint
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