Jan Baptist de Vos

South Netherlandish
Antwerp 1619
Antwerp 1679-09-11
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son of the portrait painter Cornelis de Vos and his wife Sara Cock, brother of Magdalena, Susanna and Elizabeth de Vos; nephew of Paul de Vos and Frans Snijders
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Rome
    His parents stipulated in their will of 18 July 1648, that his three sisters will not reclaim the cost for Jan Baptist's Italian journey, when they are dead, as his parents donated it to him, as well as his entrance fee in the guild. (Duverger 1991)
  • Antwerpen 1634 - 1679
    'wijnmeester’ (son of a master) in the Guild of St. Luke’s in Antwerp between 18 September 1642 and 18 September 1643; enlisted as member of the Sodality of the Unmarried Men of Age (‘Sodaliteit van de bejaerde jongmans’) in October 1640, and consultor of the same Sodality on 16 October 1667, which probably means that he never got married (Rombouts/Van Lerius 1872/1961, vol. 2, p. 145, note 1)
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oil paint
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