Giovan Battista Nani

male / French
ambassador, historian, botanist
Venice 1616-08-30
Venice 1678-11-05
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son of Giovanni Nani, procurator of San Marco and his wife Marina, brother of Agostino Nani, Contarina Zorzi and Orsetta Barbarigo
Biographical information
Active in
  • Venetië 1616 - 1643
  • Parijs 1643 - 1668
    ambassador of Venice to France. Plenipotentiary minister for Venice at the negotiations of Nijmegen and the subsiquient peace treaty on February 3, 1662
  • Wenen (stad) 1668 - 1671
    After his French appointment he became ambassador to Germany and mediator between Paris and Vienna. After the Peace of Candia (1671), he helped to draw the Venetian-Turkish border which took the name of 'Nani-Mocenigo line'.
  • Venetië 1671 - 1678
    In his spare time he wrote the Historia della Republica Veneta (dal 1613 al 1671). He became one of the nine Procuratore di San Marco, the highest office (for life) in Venice after the Doge (procurators were responsible for the day to day functioning of the basilica of San Marco . This included dispensing charity, taking care of administration and legal affairs etc.: Nani was responsible for the codification of the written laws)
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