Kaunitz-Rietberg Wenzel Anton von (Prince)

male / Austrian, Bohemian
in ligature, crowned
prince, diplomat, ambassador, art collector, collector of Dutch and Flemish painting
He was a liberal patron of education and art and one of the founders of the Royal Academy in Brussels.
Austrian, Bohemian
Vienna (city) 1711-02-02
Vienna (city) 1794-06-27
Family relationships
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He was the second son (of 19 children) of Maximilian Ulrich third Count of Kaunitz (1679-1746) and Marie Ernestine née Countess of East Frisia and Rietberg (1687-1758). He married Maria Ernestine von Starhemberg (1717-1749) on 6 May 1736; they had seven children, among them: Ernest Christoph von Kaunitz-Rietberg (1737-1797), Dominik Anton Andreas von Kaunitz-Rietberg (1740-1812), Franz Wenzel von Kaunitz-Rietberg (1742-1825), Joseph Clemens von Kaunitz-Rietberg (1743-?), Maria Antonia von Kaunitz-Rietberg (1745-?).
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Münster (stad, Duitsland) 1724
    he held canonry at the Westphalian Diocese of Münster
  • Wenen (stad)
    studied law and diplomacy at university
  • Leipzig
    studied law and diplomacy at university
  • Leiden (stad)
    studied law and diplomacy at university
  • Wenen (stad) 1735
    appointed as a member of the Imperial Aulic Council
  • Regensburg 1739
    he was one of the emperor's commissaries at the Imperial Diet of Regensburg
  • Florence 1741
    was send on a diplomatic mission in March
  • Rome 1741
    on a diplomatic mission
  • Sardinië (eiland, regio) 1741
    on a diplomatic mission
  • Turijn 1742 - 1744
    he was appointed ambassador and reached support of King Charles Emmanuel III for Maria Theresa
  • Brussel 1744 - 1746
    appointed as minister plenipotentiary
  • Antwerpen (stad) 1746
    Wenzel Anton had to leave Brussels after the french forces under Maurice de Saxe besieged the city
  • Aken 1746
  • Aken 1748
    represented Maria Theresa at the Congress of Aachen at the close of the Wat of the Austrian Succession
  • Wenen (stad) 1749
    Geheimrat at the court of Empress Maria Theresa
  • Versailles 1750 - 1752
    ambassador at the French court in Versailles
  • Wenen (stad) 1753 - 1792
    appointed State Chancellor and minister of foreign affairs
born in
active in
died in
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