Jacob Bellevois

North Netherlandish (school)
Rotterdam 1621
c. 1621 (Von Wurzbach 1906)
Rotterdam 1676-09/1676-09-19
buried 19 September 1676
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son of Adriaen Bellevois from Ghent; married in Rotterdam on 2 August 1643 to Cornelia Uithoeks (1623-1652), daughter of a Rotterdam painter (Arij Hendricks Huytgenshoeck/Uythoeck, died 1631); he remarried in Rotterdam on 3 September 1656 to Maria 't Hert (died 1670), from Gouda (Haverkorn van Rijsewijck 1891)
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Rotterdam 1643 - 1663
    married in Augustus 1643 (Haverkorn van Rijsewijck 1891, p. 52); stayed in Rotterdam until at least 1663 (Bredius 1918, p. 1657); he lived on Oppert (Schadee 1994)
  • Gouda 1666
    became a citizen in 1666 (Haverkorn van Rijsewijk 1891)
  • Hamburg 1672 - 1673
    According to Houbraken 1721 he met the painter Johannes Voorhout in Hamburg.
  • Rotterdam 1675 - 1676
    lived again in Rotterdam on the Breestraat, when he died, leaving not unsubstantial estate
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marine (genre), river landscape
oil paint
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