Johann Melchior Roos

male / German
painter, draftsperson
Heidelberg 1663
Jedding 1955: 1663 in Heidelberg; Thieme/Becker 1934: 1659 in Frankfurt am Main
Braunschweig 1731
Jedding 1955: Braunschweig; Thieme/Becker 1934: Frankfurt am Main
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son of the painter Johann Heinrich Roos (1631-1685). Married 1) in Heidelberg 25 May 1692 Justina Christina Langhans, daughter of court minister Johann Ludwig Langhans;father of eight children between 1693-1710 in Nuremburg and Heidelberg and 2) in Switzerlandin 1713 the widow of painter Joseph Werner II, father of two daughters.
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Biographical information
Active in
  • Heidelberg
  • Neurenberg
  • Den Haag (stad) 1684 - 1686
    pupil of the Tekenacademie
  • Rome 1686 - 1690
    collaboration with his brother Philip Peter Roos (1655/57-1706) Grieb 2007)
  • Frankfurt am Main 1693 - 1716
    Paid taxes here as a sort of denizen. Presumably soon after 1716 he left Frankfurt and possibly went to Kassel (Grieb 2007)
  • Zwitserland 1713
    Grieb 2007
  • Kassel (Hessen) 1717
  • Mainz
    At an unknown point in time he became court painter to Lothar Franz von Schönborn, elector in Mainz and prince-bishop in Bamberg (Grieb 2007)
  • Neurenberg 1707 - 1731
    a 3rd marriage (Grieb 2007)
  • Braunschweig 1731
    In the tradition his laziness and his dissolute way of life are mentioned (Grieb 2007)
born in
active in
died in
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animal painting (genre), italianate, landscape (genre), portrait, still life, botanical representation
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