Pieter Jacobsz. Roman

North Netherlandish
The Hague 1676-12-22
Kassel (Hessen) 1733/1753
after 1733, probably in Cassel
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son of Jacob Pietersz. Roman (1640-c. 1716) and Anna van Lent. He married Francoisa Schalcken (1692-1757), daughter of the painter Godefridus Schalcken, in The Hague on 1 June 1713, in the German church
Biographical information
Active in
  • Apeldoorn 1697-04-22
    paid by the domain council of the house of Nassau for surveying the grounds of Het Loo in Apeldoorn on 22 April 1697 (Thieme/Becker 1934)
  • Parijs 1698 - 1699
    His education in Paris and Italy was paid for by Willem III: followed the 'cours d'architecture' of Philippe de la Hire (Thieme/Becker 1934)
  • Rome 1700 - 1702
    received a yearly grant of fl. 1500 from king Wiliam III for 2 years to learn architecture in Rome and Naples (Thieme/Becker 1934)
  • Den Haag 1704 - 1720
    member of the Confrerie Pictura in 1704; first as a aid and then as a successor of his father for the Prussian king (Thieme/Becker 1934)
  • Kassel (Hessen) 1720 - 1733
    documented in 1721 as "Intendant des bâtiments" in the service of the court in Hesse. First (unfinished) project was Castle Wilhelmstal, later Castle Bensberg (Thieme/Becker 1934)
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