Gerard Bourgonjon

male / Dutch, Belgian
sculptor, academy lecturer
participated in the restoration of the Grote Kerk in Gouda (Scheen 1981), assistant to Bart van Hove, worked for various architects (Koopmans 1997)
Dutch, Belgian
Gent 1871-07-13
Sheen (1981) notes his birthday as 13 september 1871, however; in various entries within the Amsterdam bevolkingsregister 1874-1893, his birthday is noted as 13-July 1871.
Loon op Zand 1963-12-12
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son of Louis Bourgonjon (1835-1925) and cousin of Emile Bourgonjon (1841-1927)
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Biographical information
Kunstnijverheidsschool Quellinus (Amsterdam)
1890-1893 training in Leuven with Frantz Vermeylen and at the drawing academy o.l.v. Gerard Vanderlinden (Koopmans 1997)
ca. 1895-1896 tekenacademie in Lille o.l.v. 'Boudry' (Koopmans 1997)
Académie Julian (Parijs)
ca. 1895-1896 o.l.v. Charles Masse (Koopmans 1997)
Rijksnormaalschool voor Teekenonderwijzers (Amsterdam)
1901 as a hospitant o.l.v. W.M. Retera (Koopmans 1997)
Active in
  • Amsterdam 1883 - 1884
    Frans Halstraat 18 from 1 October 1883 until December 1884; Amsterdam population register 1874-1893.
  • Amsterdam 1884 - 1888
    Frans Halstraat 33 from December 1884 until January 1888; Amsterdam population register 1874-1893.
  • Amsterdam 1888 - 1890
    Jan van der Heijdenstraat 251 from January 1888 until 15 Augustus 1890 when he left for Leuven; Amsterdam population register 1874-1893.
  • Leuven
  • Lille (Frankrijk)
  • Parijs
    after study trips to Leuven, Lille and Paris from 1898 back to Amsterdam
  • Artis (Amsterdam) 1898 - 1916
    'Tentoonstelling van kunstwerken betrekking hebbende op Het Dier', Koninklijk Zoölogisch Genootschap Natura Artis Magistra, 1-30 april 1916, was represented at this exhibition with four sculptures, namely a Rook in plaster, Pelican, Owl and Duck in wood. Also made a portrait bust of G.J. Temminck.
  • Tilburg 1919 - 1960
  • Loon op Zand
Teacher at academy/university
Academie voor Beeldende Vorming (Tilburg)
1919-1936 teacher of decorative sculpting (Koopmans 1997)
born in
active in
died in
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portrait, figure, animal painting (genre)
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