Alberto Giacometti

male / Swiss
sculptor, designer, painter, draftsperson, author
Ciuha 2009; Schneider 2009
Ciuha 2009
Borgonova (Switzerland) 1901-10-10
Ciuha 2009
Chur (Switzerland) 1966-01-11
Giacometti was buried in Borgonovo, with his parents (Ciuha 2009)
Family relationships
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Son of the impressionist painter Giovanni Giacometti (1868-1933); Elder brother of the artist Diego Giacometti (1902-1985), one of Alberto's most beloved models, and of the architect Bruno Giacometti (* 1907)
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Biographical information
Period of activity
1913 - 1966
active c. 1913-1966
École des Beaux-Arts (Genève)
1919-1920 (Ciuha 2009); van 1920-1922 in Italië (Sonsbeek '55)
Académie de la Grande Chaumière (Parijs)
1922-1925 (Schneider 2009), onder Bourdelle (Sonsbeek 1966)
École normale d'enseignement du dessin (Parijs)
Ciuha 2009
Active in
  • Stampa 1913
    eerste tekeningen in 1913; eerste bustes in 1914 (Ciuha 2009)
  • Zwitserland 1915 - 1919
    Ciuha 2009
  • Genève (stad) 1919
    Ciuha 2009
  • Venetië 1920 - 1921
    reisde met zijn vader (Ciuha 2009)
  • Rome 1920 - 1921
    verbleef een half jaar in Rome (Ciuha 2009)
  • Parijs 1922 - 1966
    vestigde zich met atelier (Ciuha 2009)
  • Genève (stad) 1942 - 1945
    verbleef in Geneve gedurende de bezetting van Frankrijk (Ciuha 2009)
born in
active in
died in
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figure, animal painting (genre), genre, landscape (genre), portrait, still life, biomorphic abstraction, geometric abstraction
Ciuha 2009; González 2006
bronze, wood, marble, moulding plaster
Ciuha 2009
vase, lamp
Ciuha 2009
Art movement
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tot 1935 (Schneider 2009)
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