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archief Sybren Valkema (NL-HaRKD.0246)
archief Jan van Heel (NL-HaRKD.0248)
archief Louis J. Vreugde (NL-HaRKD.0249)
archief Nico Molenkamp (NL-HaRKD.0252)
archief J.L. van Soest (NL-HaRKD.0254)
archief Annemarie Spahn (NL-HaRKD.0268)
archief Erhard Göpel (NL-HaRKD.0271)
archief Leo Braat (NL-HaRKD.0275)
archief Sikkinghe (NL-HaRKD.0276)
archief Conrad Kickert (NL-HaRKD.0282)
archief C.G. 't Hooft (NL-HaRKD.0283)
archief Theo Dobbelmann (NL-HaRKD.0284)
archief Willem Arondéus (NL-HaRKD.0289)
archief Kees Doelman (NL-HaRKD.0293)
archief Eva Schamhardt (NL-HaRKD.0301)
collectie Frank Elgar (NL-HaRKD.0303)
archief Galerie Markant (NL-HaRKD.0305)
archief Dick van Luijn (NL-HaRKD.0316)
collectie Floris Verster (NL-HaRKD.0317)
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