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  • Keyword period is 20th century, first half
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archief J.H. de Bois (NL-HaRKD.0003)
archief Sybren Valkema (NL-HaRKD.0246)
archief Erhard Göpel (NL-HaRKD.0271)
archief Theo Dobbelmann (NL-HaRKD.0284)
archief Willem Arondéus (NL-HaRKD.0289)
archief Jan Veth (NL-HaRKD.0309)
archief Wilhelm Martin (NL-HaRKD.0327)
archief Jan Sluijters (NL-HaRKD.0330)
archief Ida Peelen (NL-HaRKD.0336)
archief Jan van Rhijnnen (NL-HaRKD.0340)
archief Herman Kruyder (NL-HaRKD.0346)
collectie Dick Ket (NL-HaRKD.0348)
archief A. Greebe (NL-HaRKD.0354)
archief Jaap Gidding (NL-HaRKD.0361)
archief Leo Gestel (NL-HaRKD.0364)
archief Arnold Pijpers (NL-HaRKD.0383)
archief Adolph Staring (NL-HaRKD.0387)
collectie Jan Toorop (NL-HaRKD.0002)
archief Paul Citroen (NL-HaRKD.0398)
archief Jaap Kaas (NL-HaRKD.0400)
archief Piet Zwart (NL-HaRKD.0401)
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