Andries Jacobsz. Stock after Jacques de Gheyn (II) published by Hendrik Hondius (I)

Portrait of Jacob de Gheyn II (1565-1629), 1610 of kort daarvoor
The Hague, RKD - Nederlands Instituut voor [..]
<a class="recordlink artists" href="/explore/artists/75309" title="Andries Jacobsz. Stock"><span class="text">Andries Jacobsz. Stock</span></a> after <a class="recordlink artists" href="/explore/artists/31339" title="Jacques de Gheyn (II)"><span class="text">Jacques de Gheyn (II)</span></a> published by <a class="recordlink artists" href="/explore/artists/39407" title="Hendrik Hondius (I)"><span class="text">Hendrik Hondius (I)</span></a>
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paper, copper engraving, etching
rectangle (portrait format) 203 x 125 cm
afmetingen binnen plaatrand.
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1610 or shortly before (1609 - 1610)
iin 1610 uitgegeven
Print/illustration included in
Pictorum effigies ..., 3 delen, Amsterdam 1610 en 1618 (Van Someren I, nr. 211)
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Notes portrait
Adres en datering onderaan: 'Hhondius exc. Cum privilegio. j6i0.' [Hh aaneen]Onderschrift: 'IACOBUS DE GEYN, ANTVERP. / PICT. ET SCULPT. / [in cursieve letters:] Geinius eximius Scapltor, Pictorque peritus, / Inventor felix, judicio-que bonus. / Et Belli et Pacis pingens Insignia, gratus / Ipse Duci Belli qui artibus egregius.'Literatuur: Muller 1856; Van Someren I, p. 198; Hollstein dl. 7 [1952], p. 32, nr. 62; Hollstein dl. 9 [1953], p. 90; I.Q. van Regteren Altena, Jacques de Gheyn. Three generations, 3 delen, Londen 1983, dl. 1, p. 103-104, afb. t.o. titelpagina; J.P. Filedt Kok, 'Jacques de Gheyn II. Engraver, designer and publisher', Print Quarterly 7 (1990), p. 248-281 en 371-396, i.h.b. p. 382, nr. add H. (304a), afb. 228; N.M. Orenstein, Hendrik Hondius and the business of prints, proefschrift New York University 1992, p. 410-411, nr. P272; The New Hollstein, Hendrick Hondius, 1994, p. 90; N.M. Orenstein, Hendrick Hondius and the business of prints in seventeenth-century Holland, Rotterdam 1996, p. 187, nr. 271
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