Frans Pourbus (II)

Portrait of Philips Willem van Oranje- Nassau (1554-1618), ca. 1599-1600
Private collection
Object information
Object category
canvas, oil paint
rectangle (portrait format) 102 x 82 cm
according to notes on IB-fiche 80217 originally full-length but after WW II shortened and thereby destroying the signature of Pourbus
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Current attribution
Frans Pourbus (II)
as such in Dorotheum Vienna, 2015-04-21
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ca. 1599-1600 (1599 - 1600)
The prince received the Order of the Golden Fleece, which can be seen in the painting, in 1599; in 1600 Pourbus left for Mantua.
Created in
Brussels probably made in Brussels where the painter and the sitter were residing
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