Anthonie van Borssom

Landscape with cattle, ca. 1651-1677
Dulwich (London), Dulwich Picture Gallery, [..]
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canvas, oil paint
Medium plain-weave linen canvas. The reddish-brown ground is clearly visible through abraded areas of the pale sky. Lined onto linen; no original tacking edges remain. There is an old crease along the bottom edge. The painting is very worn and has been heavily damaged by over-cleaning at some point in the past, which has removed most of the landscape centre-right and revealed two more cows. These are severely abraded and are thought to have been repainted at some point in the past (possibly by Bourgeois); the red cow is particularly damaged and may still bear some overpaint. On the left there is a pentimento of a large seated figure. A figure in the landscape on the right, to the right of the dog, has also been painted out. The partially removed varnish is very discoloured and distracting – there are remnants along the bottom, particularly in the corners, which are uneven and have noticeable drip marks (Sophia Plender).
rectangle (landscape format) 112,7 x 154,9 cm
Current attribution
Anthonie van Borssom
wrongly called Abraham van Borssom in Richter/Sparkes 1880, 1892 and 1905; Cook 1914 and 1926
Rejected attribution
Paulus Potter
between 1804 and 1843 (Ruskin)
school of Paulus Potter
Sparkes 1876
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c. 1651-1677 (1651 - 1677)
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