Claes Jacobsz. van der Heck and studio of Claes Jacobsz. van der Heck

Landscape with a view of Egmond aan Zee, 1641 of 1648 gedateerd
Son & Neale Phillips (London (England)) [..]
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Physical connection
Reference in ‘composite artworks’: artworks that are/were connected, such as alterpieces, decorative pieces incorporated in panelling, and works of art that were intended to be displayed together, such as pendants and series.


with a companion piece depicting the Abbey of Egmond
panel, oil paint
according to Hofstede de Groot on a Gothic panel, because of the specific bevelling (Wortel 1943)
rectangle (landscape) 27,3 x 59 cm
Information about the signature, dating, inscription or any other mark on the front or back of the art work
Current attribution
Claes Jacobsz. van der Heck
Wortel 1943; cat. sale London, 1995-07-04; and following the line of argument in Klinktert/Taatgen 2015
and studio of Claes Jacobsz. van der Heck
After 1620, there seems to be a shift in the character of the paintings by Van der Heck. Klinkert/Taatgen 2015 argues that Van der Heck must have started employing assistants and/or pupils from that date onwards, who must have collaborated on many of the paintings signed C. Heck (Klinkert/Taatgen 2015, p. 30).
Rejected attribution
Claes Dircksz. van der Heck
Bron: (1976)
cat. sale Amsterdam, 1976-05-18/25; most of the paintings by Claes Jacobsz. have been erroneously given to Claes Dircksz. in the past (Wortel 1943; Klinkert/Taatgen 2015).
Exact or approximate dating of the described art work; the search parameters adopted for this art work in this database, are found in brackets.
dated 1641 or 1648 (1641 - 1648)
according to Wortel 1943 dated 1648; according to cat. sale Amsterdam, 1976-05-18/25 dated 1641
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Such as a preparatory studie, comparable composition, other version, or copy of the artwork in this record.
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