Anoniem Brussel ca. 1500-1520 or attributed to Jan Borman (III) and Anoniem Mechelen ca. 1500-1520 and circle of Jan van Coninxloo (II) and Anoniem Antwerpen ca. 1500-1520

Passion Altarpice, ca. 1500-1520
Västeras, Kathedraal (Västeras)
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Physical connection
Reference in ‘composite artworks’: artworks that are/were connected, such as alterpieces, decorative pieces incorporated in panelling, and works of art that were intended to be displayed together, such as pendants and series.
panel, oil paint, oak, carved (sculpture technique), polychromed, gilded
the painted wings would have emerged from a Malinois workshop; the sculpture of Christ probably belonged previously to a lost altarpiece, the so-called bishop Otto altarpiece (KIK-IRPA; D'Hainaut-Zveny 2005)
other 224.5 x 227 x 27.3 cm
D'Hainaut-Zveny 2005
Current attribution
Anoniem (Brussel) ca. 1500-1520
sculpture (D'Hainaut-Zveny 2005)
or attributed to Jan Borman (III)
sculpture (Roosval 1903; De Borchgrave d'Altena 1948; Jacobs 1998)
and Anoniem (Mechelen) ca. 1500-1520
painting larger upper panels (Périer-d'Ieteren 1984)
and circle of Jan van Coninxloo (II)
painting smaller lower panels of the interior of the wings (Engellau-Gullander 1992)
and Anoniem (Antwerpen) ca. 1500-1520
predella (Ehmke 1960; Périer-d'Ieteren 1984)
Rejected attribution
Jan van Coninxloo (II)
painting wings (Roosval 1903; Roosval 1933; Lindqvist 1958)
Exact or approximate dating of the described art work; the search parameters adopted for this art work in this database, are found in brackets.
c. 1500-1520 (1500 - 1520)
Engellau-Gullander 1992; D'Hainaut-Zveny 2005
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