possibly Theodorus Netscher

Temperantia, eerste helft jaren 1720
Kasteel Duivenvoorde (Voorschoten), Stichting [..]
possibly <a class="recordlink artists" href="/explore/artists/59181" title="Theodorus Netscher"><span class="text">Theodorus Netscher</span></a>
Object information
Object category
wallpaper painting
Physical connection
Reference in ‘composite artworks’: artworks that are/were connected, such as alterpieces, decorative pieces incorporated in panelling, and works of art that were intended to be displayed together, such as pendants and series.

part of a decoration scheme

Opsomming gelijk de volgorde in de zaal, beginnend links bij de raamwand van de voorzijde.
canvas, oil paint
rectangle (portrait format) 250 x 60 cm
Current attribution
possibly Theodorus Netscher
Exact or approximate dating of the described art work; the search parameters adopted for this art work in this database, are found in brackets.
first half 1720s (1720 - 1724)
Zie datering van het merendeel van de schilderingen in dezelfde zaal.
Exhibitions and literature
Visual documentation
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