studio of Rembrandt or follower of Rembrandt

Half figure of a bearded man wearing a hat, ca. 1655-1660
Cleveland (Ohio), The Cleveland Museum of Art, [..]
Bredius 1935, no. 246
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canvas, oil paint
rectangle (portrait format) 84.5 x 69.2 cm
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Current attribution
studio of Rembrandt
or follower of Rembrandt
Rejected attribution
This painting was always viewed as an autograph Rembrandt until doubted by Bauch in 1966. He suggested an attribution to Carel Fabritius (Bauch 1966, p. 47). Gerson also expressed doubts about the attribution stating that "an attribution to Rembrandt is probably not right" (Bredius/Gerson 1969, no. 246). However, other authors remained convined of Rembrandt's authorship of this painting (Cassill 1982, p. 258-261). In the collection catalogue of The Cleveland Museum of 1993 the painting was listed as a work by a follower of Rembrandt (Chong 1993, p. 193). Nowadays the museum regards the painting as a work from Rembrandt's studio (online collection catalogue).
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c. 1655-1660 (1645 - 1660)
This painting has been dated variously to c. 1645 (Rosenberg/Valentiner 1909, p. 362); before the 1650s (Salinger 1956, p. 67, 69); start of the 1650s (Francis 1950, p. 191-193); c. 1657 (Hofstede de Groot 1907-1927, vol. 6 (1915), no. 414; Valentiner 1931, no. 130; Buffalo 1957, p. 24); late 1650s (Cassill 1982, p. 258-261). In the online collection catalogue of the museum the painting is listed as a work from c. 1655-1660.
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