studio of Rembrandt or Rembrandt and studio of Rembrandt

Christ at the column, ca. 1658
Darmstadt (Germany), Hessisches Landesmuseum [..]
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Object information
Object category
canvas, oil paint
rectangle (portrait format) 93 x 72 cm
Information about the signature, dating, inscription or any other mark on the front or back of the art work
  • with signature and date lower center: Rembrandt f 1658
    Both signature and date are not considered to be authentic by most art historians (Bredius/Gerson 1969, no. 593; Kelch/Van de Wetering 2006, no. 67).
Current attribution
studio of Rembrandt
or Rembrandt
and studio of Rembrandt
Already in the earlier art historical literature doubts were raised about the attribution of this painting to Rembrandt. Some authors detected Rembrandt's authorship in the underpainting, but most of them agreed that the paint surface was done by someone from his workshop (Bauch 1966, no. 90; Bredius/Gerson 1969, no. 593). Benesch suggested that Barent Fabritius could have been the creator of this painting (Benesch 1955, p. 402). Although some art historians remained convinced about the attribution to Rembrandt (Van Schendel 1956, no. 77; Rosenberg 1956A, p. 388), most of them consider the painting to be a workshop product (Sumowski 1983-1994, vol. 4 (1989), no. 1922, p. 2945; Kelch/Van de Wetering 2006, no. 67). In the collection catalogue of the Hessisches Landesmuseum of 2015 the painting is listed as Rembrandt and his workshop (Fichtner/Petersen 2015, p. 148).
Exact or approximate dating of the described art work; the search parameters adopted for this art work in this database, are found in brackets.
c. 1658 (1650 - 1660)
The painting is dated 1658. This date has also been read as 1668 (see for instance: Hofstede de Groot 1907-1928, vol. 6 (1914), no. 124). Although signature and date are not considered to be authentic by most art historians, the painting is usually dated around 1658 (see for instance: Bauch 1966, no. 90). In the exhibition catalogue of 2006 the painting is dated slightly earlier, to 1650/1655 (Kelch/Van de Wetering 2006, no. 67).
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Technical documentation
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