Cupid blowing a soap bubble, 1634 gedateerd
Vienna, , inv./ GE880
Object information
Object category
canvas, oil paint
rectangle (landscape format) 75 x 92,6 cm
The canvas might have been slightly cut down on the left, based on a comparison with a contemporary etching after the painting (Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings 1982-2015, vol. 2 (1986), no. A 91).
Information about the signature, dating, inscription or any other mark on the front or back of the art work
Current attribution
Rejected attribution
Govert Flinck
Ferdinand Bol
The work was first mentioned by Valentiner in 1923, as by Rembrandt. Later, the work has been attributed to Ferdinand Bol (Sumowski 1957-1958, p. 231); to Rembrandt and a pupil, possibly Govert Flinck (Bauch 1966, no. 157); and to Govert Flinck (Bredius/Gerson 1969, no. 470), all without explanations of rejection of attribution to Rembrandt. The authors of the Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings consider the work to be an authentic Rembrandt (Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings 1982-2015, vol. 2 (1986), no. A 91).
Exact or approximate dating of the described art work; the search parameters adopted for this art work in this database, are found in brackets.
dated 1634 (1634)
Artistically related
Artistically related to other work
Such as a preparatory studie, comparable composition, other version, or copy of the artwork in this record.
  • copied in print by
    attributed to Isaac de Jouderville, Rustende Cupido
    etching 9 x 11.7 cm, signed at bottom right '... lle', read by White and Boon as possibly Isaac de Jouderville (Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings 1982-2015, vol. 2 (1986), no. A 91)

    Reproduces the painting in reverse, and slightly larger to the left, where a curtain can be seen that is not present in the painting.

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