Pierre Etienne Moitte after Gillis van Tilborgh

Peasants taking a meal outside an inn, ca. 1786-87
The Hague, RKD - Nederlands Institute for Art [..]
<a class="recordlink artists" href="/explore/artists/56586" title="Pierre Etienne Moitte"><span class="text">Pierre Etienne Moitte</span></a> after <a class="recordlink artists" href="/explore/artists/77492" title="Gillis van Tilborgh"><span class="text">Gillis van Tilborgh</span></a>
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reproductive print
Physical connection
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paper, etching
rectangle (landscape format) 143 x 212 mm
afmetingen ontwerp (afmetingen plaatrand in Le Brun 1792-1796: 192 x 240 mm)
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c. 1786-87 (1780 - 1790)
Atwater 1988
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Print/illustration included in
J.B.P. Le Brun, Galerie des Peintres Flamands, Hollandais et Allemands, Parijs/ Amsterdam 1792-96, 3 vol., vol. 1 (1792), print opposite p. 77
Artistically related
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