Anoniem Zuidelijke Nederlanden (historische regio) 1641 gedateerd after Cornelis Galle (I) after Peter Paul Rubens

Frame decoration, 1641 gedateerd
Whereabouts unknown
<a class="recordlink artists" href="/explore/artists/1984" title="Anoniem"><span class="text">Anoniem</span></a> <a class="thesaurus" href="/en/explore/thesaurus?term=29961&domain=PLAATS" title="Zuidelijke Nederlanden (historische regio)" >Zuidelijke Nederlanden (historische regio)</a> 1641 gedateerd after <a class="recordlink artists" href="/explore/artists/30040" title="Cornelis Galle (I)"><span class="text">Cornelis Galle (I)</span></a> after <a class="recordlink artists" href="/explore/artists/68737" title="Peter Paul Rubens"><span class="text">Peter Paul Rubens</span></a>
Object information
Object category
reproductive print
paper, engraving
rectangle (portrait format) ? x ? mm
Current attribution
Anoniem (Zuidelijke Nederlanden (historische regio)) 1641 gedateerd
after Cornelis Galle (I)
after Peter Paul Rubens
Exact or approximate dating of the described art work; the search parameters adopted for this art work in this database, are found in brackets.
dated 1641 (1641)
Print/illustration included in
P. de Sandoval, Historia de la Vida y Hechos del emperador Carlos V, Antwerp 1641
Artistically related
Artistically related to other work
Such as a preparatory studie, comparable composition, other version, or copy of the artwork in this record.
Exhibitions and literature
Visual documentation
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