Conditions scan requests

1. Digital scans can only be made if the document concerned has been approved for reproduction purposes. See Copyright.

2. In all cases whereby the RKD Foundation owns the publishing rights or any other rights regarding publication of the material (hereafter referred to as publication) then a request for publication must be submitted in writing. This request can be directed to the RKD Foundation stating the name of the department or staff member who processed the order and the following information:

  • Images: artist’s name, title of the art work, and preferably also: last known location, collection or auction, negative number, IB number, image number or barcode (if present), a photocopy of the art work.
  • Archive material: title of the archive/collection, inventory number (if present), object description, barcode (if present).
  • Publication: name of the author or editor, title of the publication, name of the publisher, year and place of publication, name of the museum (if applicable), issue.

3. The publishing party is in all cases and at all times obliged to place photo credits next to the published image or in a list of photo credits. This is in accordance with the conditions stated in the letter of authorisation for use in publication.

4. The RKD Foundation receives a free copy of the publication containing the reproduced image, unless other prior arrangements were made.

5. Authorisation for publication is only issued for images stated in the request for publication. A request for publication must be submitted for each republication, reimpression or for use in other publications.

6. If material is reproduced which does not fall under the copyright of the RKD Foundation then the user must have prior permission by the artist, author, photographer and/or publisher of the book, catalogue or magazine from which the copy was made. This does not apply to material to which the rights have expired. The user indemnifies the RKD Foundation against liability which may arise from publication of the material. For more information, see Copyright on our website.