IRR examination

Rates infrared reflectography (IRR) 2019

  • Rental equipment: € 332.75*
  • Transport costs equipment: at the expense of the applicant
  • Transport and accommodation costs supervisor: at the expense of the applicant
  • Personnel guidance per hour: € 121.00**

* For scientific purposes the rent is free, subject to conditions that a copy of the IRR material is made available to the RKD. Price includes VAT.

** For every research session a minimum of 1 hour is charged for setting up, testing and breaking down the equipment. A maximum of 8 hours per working day will be charged. The personal guidance also applies to the travel time. In the case of scientific purposes, a discount of 33.3% on the hourly rate is calculated. Price includes VAT.

Digital processing of IRR recordings

Making settings per hour: € 102.85
Price includes VAT.

Output of digital settings

Via CD or e-mail per image: € 21.78
Price includes VAT.

For information, orders and requests for permission to publish IRR recordings, please contact Margreet Wolters and Michiel Franken.