Ordering visual material

Scans and photos

To order visual material please use our webshop. The RKD is able to supply images of most art works, though in some cases technical or legal restrictions may apply. The RKD generally does not supply photographs of art works held in museum collections. These can be ordered from the museum or public collection concerned.

There are three ways to order scans/photographs on our website:
- The ‘download’ button allows you to download a low-resolution image with a watermark free of charge.
- The ‘order’ button allows you to download an image directly for € 5.00. This is a higher resolution image which does not contain a watermark.
- If the ‘request scan’ button is depicted under an image then you can order the image for € 28.00 by filling in the accompanying form.

Photographs, scans, slides, and transparencies can be made to order if permitted by the status of the document in question. The standard delivery time for photo orders is 3 weeks. A longer delivery time may apply for large orders. When an artwork is in a public collection, such as a museum, photographs must always be ordered from the institution concerned, unless the RKD owns a photograph of the work before it entered the collection in question. An exception can also be made when the public collection is unable to provide a photograph. Photo orders of an artwork in the art trade or submitted to an auction in the past five to seven years must first be placed at the relevant art gallery or auction house. At the RKD you can order repro-photographs of works that were in the art trade or an auction house more than five to seven years ago, or whose present whereabouts are unknown.

Orders for works in private collections are assessed individually by a study room staff member.

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If you have any questions about your request or order, or about the ordering procedure, please contact one of the study room assistants.

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