Photocopies and scans

If the condition of the document allows for reproduction then photocopies or scans can be ordered. It is not possible to make photocopies or scans of:

  • original prints
  • publications thicker than four cm
  • publications predating 1900
  • valuable and fragile works
  • publications available in facsimile or on microfiches
  • newspaper cuttings and other artists documentation
  • archive records

Exceptions can be made under special circumstances. It is also possible to order photocopies or scans directly through one of the study room staff members, by telephone, in writing or by e-mail.

Photocopies and prints microfiches etc.  Incl. 6% B.T.W.

Standard photocopy/print (black/white)

€ 0,10

€ 0,95 (commissioned)

Standard photocopy/print  Archives /Artists  Documentation

€ 0,25

€ 0,95 (commissioned)

Quality Photocopy (black/white)

€ 0,70

€ 1,60 (commissioned)

Colour photocopy

€ 1,50

€ 2,65 (commissioned)