Terms and Conditions

The terms and Conditions given below apply to all Products and Services listed on the RKD website (RKD Explore).

1. The webshop offers an up-to-date selection of books, publications and magazines. We aim to deliver all orders within two weeks. This service level applies to all deliveries within the Netherlands, as well as in Europe and the rest of the world. The following postage costs apply:

  • Small package: € 2.50 postage costs
  • Medium package: € 3.50 postage costs
  • Large package: € 7.50 postage costs

If you have ordered a number of books, publications or magazines in one order then only the highest postage cost applies, and will only be charged once.

2. Tickets for RKD Talks and other activities are on sale via the webshop. Your proof of payment is also your entrance ticket.

3. RKD Explore not only has a web shop for ordering products online, though also has the option of purchasing services on offer by the RKD. These include:

  • Scan requests for archives from the RKDarchives database
  • Scan requests for digital images from the RKDimages and RKDportraits databases
  • Scan requests for digital images whereby the availability of the image is unknown
  • Requests for art historical research
  • Requests for specialist analysis

4. In all cases whereby the RKD Foundation owns the publishing rights or any other rights regarding publication of the material (hereafter referred to as publication) then a request for publication must be submitted in writing. This request can be directed to the RKD Foundation stating the name of the department or staff member who processed the order and the following information:

(a) Images: artist's name, title of the art work, and preferably also: last known location, collection or auction, negative number, IB number, image number or barcode (if present), a photocopy of the art work.
b) Archive material: title of the archive/collection, inventory number (if present), object description, barcode (if present).
c) Publication: name of the author or editor, title of the publication, name of the publisher, year and place of publication, name of the museum (if applicable), issue.

5. The user must always accompany published image material with photo credits, as is stated in the letter of permission for publication. These should be placed close to the published image, or in the list of photo credits.

6. The RKD Foundation is to receive a copy of the product in or for which the image material is used, unless other arrangements have been made.

7. Permission for publication is only granted for the publication specifically requested by the applicant in the initial request. A new request for publication must first be submitted for any republications, extra copies or inclusions in other publications.

8. The RKD Foundation would like to emphasise the following:

a) If the depicted object is of a work by an artist who is still alive or who died no longer than seventy years earlier, then this artist, or the heir or legal representatives hereof are able to claim rights over publication of the object. This is in accordance with the Dutch Copyright Act;
b) In the case of publication of an archive record stored at the RKD Foundation, the user of the photo of the record is required to gain permission from either the author of the manuscript concerned, respectively the sender of the letter, the persons named in the record, or their heirs or legal representatives. In addition, a restriction on publicity may be present for reasons of the protection of the privacy of living persons that occur in archival documents. The regulations on this can be found in the European Data Protection Act (GDP) and the GDP Implementation Law.
c) Users of publications of portraits must not only take into account the author's copyrights, though also the legislative obligations pertaining to portrait rights as laid down in the Dutch Copyright Act. The user of the photo is required to gain permission from the person in the portrait, or the heir up to 10 years after the death of the former, in the case of a commissioned portrait.

9. The user of textual and visual documentation housed at the RKD Foundation indemnifies the latter from any consequences deriving from any claims submitted by third parties as a result of publication of this material.

10. ICL deliveries / services are excluded. The RKD explore website does not cover ICL deliveries / services. In the case of the RKD selling products to a private party residing in the EU, then the Dutch value added tax (VAT) is applied. If the RKD sells products to a business (who submits a VAT return in their own country) then a 0% tariff will be added to the invoice. A foreign business charges and pays VAT in its own country. This is called an intra community delivery and is currently not possible in RKD explore. Contact the RKD if you are a foreign business and wish to place an order.

11. Refunds are not possible for payments made for events.

12. It is not possible to cancel scan requests and photocopies after payment.

13. For further questions, please contact the RKD at via +31 (0)70-3339777 or