Digital Publications - Studies

Studies is a digital platform which enables  the publication of RKD art historical (monographic) research. This research can be in the form of an overview of the life and work of a particular artist, though it can also be the inventory of a collection or iconographic research. The subjects studied fall under the field of collections and realm of knowledge of the RKD: Dutch art and design from the Late Middle Ages to the present day in the international context. Studies is a dynamic publication form in that it allows for possible additions and new insights to be added via the other RKD databases. This publication form is an effective way of referring to sources such as archive material, literature, motion imagery or the spoken word.

The following have appeared in the Studies series:

Oranjezaal (Orange Hall): catalogue and documentation
Peter Vos
Cross-Border Inspiration: Dutch art in the European perspective in the nineteenth century
Gerson Digital: Denmark
Gerson Digital: Poland
Het Beeld-snyders Kunst-kabinet (the Carver’s Art Cabinet): Francis van Bossuit and Dutch Classicism
Jan Sluijters: the painted oeuvre
Daan van Golden: conservation & contexts
Natura Artis Magistra: Artists in the Artis Zoo
Otto B. de Kat: the complete oeuvre
George Hendrik Breitner: a painter takes to photography
Charles Donker: graphics 1960-2012
Belgian refugees in the Netherlands 1914-1918