Iconclass is a multilingual iconographic classification system used internationally by museums and other heritage institutes for describing and indexing images of art works, book illustrations, reproductions and photographs. The RKD manages the Iconclass software and is responsible for the management and further development of the Iconclass system. The RKD aims to promote the use of the Iconclass system in the heritage sector, both in Dutch speaking countries as well as others. To achieve this the RKD collaborates with other institutes. The Iconclass system is available via the Iconclass 2100 browser.

Use of Iconclass at the RKD
Of all the RKD digital collections the Images database makes the most use of Iconclass. Art works on a mythological or biblical subject are generally marked with Iconclass codes. In Explore you can find art works by searching on these Iconclass codes. The RKD also has a collection of images in the study room which are categorised by subject code. The iconographic book collection is also sorted using the Iconclass system.