The Rembrandt Database

The Rembrandt Database is a freely accessible English website with research material - texts, images and research data - on paintings by and/or (formerly) attributed to Rembrandt. The Rembrandt Database is a collaboration between museums, research institutes and researchers worldwide, coordinated by the RKD and made financially possible by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in New York. The development of the database was a joint initiative of the RKD and the Mauritshuis.

The Rembrandt Database

The Rembrandt Database focuses in particular on providing access to images and texts resulting from material technical examination and restorations of paintings from the eighteenth century onwards. This material, which is spread around the world, is brought together virtually for the first time in the database in the form of high-quality digital images with detailed metadata. Furthermore the database offers new insights into the field of art history and overviews of the restoration and research history of the paintings. The database is designed to offer an overview of existing information and documentation to restorers, curators, researchers, students and other professionals, and to provide documentation for further research.

The database will continue to be developed and expanded with the RKD as long-term warden. The RKD aims to develop the first port of call for research on Rembrandt in due course in collaboration with other parties active in the field of drawings, prints and archive documentation regarding Rembrandt. Visit The Rembrandt Database at