Mondrian Edition Project

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) is considered to be one of the twentieth-century’s leading artists. He played an important role in the international avant-garde scene and in the development from realistic to abstract art. His work is a source of inspiration for many and its influence is evident in many other fields, such as architecture, fashion and design.

Letters, telegrams and postcards

Mondrian sent many letters, telegrams and postcards to family members, artists, collectors and friends, of which around 1500 have been preserved. They offer a unique peek into the personal life of the artist and form an invaluable source of information on his era, oeuvre, ideas and network. Mondrian not only wrote letters but also many articles in which he put his progressive ideas and artistic ideals into words. They were published in avant-garde magazines in Europe and the United States, including De StijlABC Beiträge zum BauenCercle et Carré and Transition. Furthermore, his inheritance includes as yet unpublished texts.

Online publication

The Mondrian Edition Project aims to offer an online publication of the complete correspondence of all (theoretical) writings by Piet Mondrian, both the original version and an English translation. All texts are annotated and illustrated. Parallel to the Mondrian Edition Project the entire Mondrian oeuvre will be indexed in Images.

The Mondrian Edition Project is a collaboration between the RKD and Huygens Institute, with partners both in the Netherlands and abroad, including the Kunstmuseum The Hague. The project is partly made possible by financial support from the Gieskes Strijbis Fund and the International Music and Art Foundation. More information can be found at