The world’s largest artist database Artists is currently being developed to allow for the online addition of information. It is a safe, reliable and accessible method for external communities. The  soon to be released editing module allows the validation and storing of new information.

Crowd sourcing module
The project is part of the DEN’s Usable Digital Heritage, a collaboration to promote the visibility, usability and sustainability of digital heritage. Artists4all collects and indexes all information on artists and offers instruments to easily link these to other systems. Information on artists is shared via a crowd sourcing module whereby the quality of the descriptions is safeguarded. In this way all known artists from the Netherlands and foreign artists who worked in the Netherlands:

  • are centrally registered and indexed;
  • are entered in archives which can play an active role in providing more information in various domains (photography, architecture, literature, etc.); and
  • instruments are offered which allow for easy linking of artists archives to their own systems.