Retour de Paris

The international artistic exchange between the Netherlands and France in the period 1789-1914 was centre stage in the Retour de Paris. Dutch artists looked further afield than their own country’s borders and were inspired by foreign colleagues, who in turn were influenced by Dutch artists.

This dialogue was documented by  various Dutch artists who spent time in Paris, both for shorter and longer periods. The project demonstrated how this exchange occurred and what the result of this collaboration was for the development of Dutch and French art.

Dutch artists in Paris 
Dutch artists travelled to Paris as the best art courses and exhibition possibilities were to be found there. Furthermore, during the nineteenth century more and more art dealers with an international network set up shop in Paris. Dutch and foreign artists were also attracted to the cosmopolitan French Riviera. Paris attracted (young) artists from near and far like bees to honey. They generally stuck together in close vicinity and gathered daily in the studios and cafés. Artists were more than happy to be immersed in this challenging artistic climate.

In the autumn of 2016 both the research and the exhibition will be presented at the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam and the Petit Palais in Paris. A comprehensive publication will accompany the exhibitions.