Pyke Koch

Pyke Koch (1901-1991) is one of Holland’s leading representatives of neorealism. He left a small but significant oeuvre in his will of around 120 paintings and 130 drawings and designs. This modest oeuvre, which excels in technical perfection, has made Koch one of the modern masters of Dutch paintings. His work is represented in one of the most prominent collections of the Netherlands.

Books and articles on the life and work of Koch have been published since the beginning of his career. However a biography had not yet been published with new (scientific) insights. Descendents, friends and contemporaries own some of the correspondence, personal notes and paraphernalia of the Dutch artist. The RKD owns a modest collection of documents on and by Pyke Koch.

The aim of the project is to provide a scientific description of and access to the complete oeuvre of Pyke Koch in the Studies database and to collect archival and (technical) documentation material, to store it at the RKD and where possible to (digitally) publish the material. The RKD works in collaboration with the Pyke Koch Foundation on this project. A biography and exhibition on the artist will also be presented as part of the project.