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Impact of Masters
Ellis Dullaart, MA
Curator Old Netherlandish Paintings

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Curriculum vitae and duties

Ellis Dullaart (1985) graduated in 2007 as art historian from the University of Utrecht with a thesis on the Leiden genre painter Quiringh van Brekelenkam. Two years later she completed the English research Master Art History of the Low Countries in European Context at the same university. During an internship at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam she cooperated on the as yet to be published second part of the file catalogue Dutch paintings of the seventeenth century in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, for which she wrote various entries, including on Brekelenkam paintings. As an intern for the Staatliches Museum Schwerin Dullaart wrote several catalogue entries for the collection catalogue Die holländische Genremalerei in Schwerin, which also included one of her articles on the Leiden genre painters. Dullaart began working in a work experience position for the RKD-Netherlands Institute of Art History in 2010, and was employed 6 months later as Registration and Documentation staff member for the Old Netherlandish Paintings team. She is curator since 2013 and in this role is responsible for the collection of Dutch and Flemish landscape paintings from the 17th- and early 18th-century. As of 2014 the genre paintings also fall under her responsibility. She is also involved in the project Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting and in the management of the databases. And last but not least Ellis Dullaart has been treasurer of the Dutch Art Historians Association (Vereniging van Nederlandse Kunsthistorici (VNK)) since 2013.

Publications (selection)

- 'Genremalerei der Leidener ‘Fijnschilders’ in Schwerin' in: Die holländische Genremalerei in Schwerin, Petersberg 2010, p. 21-41 (met G. Seelig, K. Binzer & E. Dullaart)
- 'Michiel van Musscher, Portret van Eva Visscher (1651-1684) en twee van haar kinderen' in Portret in portret in de Nederlandse kunst 1550-2012, Bussum 2012, 35 (met S. Graft-Giepmans (red.)
- 'A new addition to the oeuvre of Pieter de Neyn', in: Liber Amicorum Marijke de Kinkelder.
- Collegiale bijdragen over landschappen, marines en architectuur, 2013, p. 99-106 (met Charles Dumas (red.)