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Request evaluation of a work of art

The RKD can evaluate works of art using a clear digital image, which you can attach to your request. You can, among others, request information about the artist, the period in which it was produced, the subject depicted. As well as one or more digital images of the object to be assessed please send us all relevant information about the item (technique, measurements, signature, provenance etc.). All images received will automatically become the property of the RKD and may be added to our public collection of visual documentation.

The minimum rate for a standard evaluation of a work of art (stylistic, iconographic or topographical) is € 50 (plus VAT). If further research is needed an additional € 50 (plus VAT) per half-hour will be charged. The results of the research will be presented in a written report. Information provided by the RKD about works of art is the result of art-historical research by the RKD. Please note that this information cannot be regarded as an official expertise. Should your request require research beyond our standard service, you will be notified; different rates will apply for commissioning specialised research.

***Until further notice, we unfortunately cannot provide evaluations of Dutch and Flemish works on paper (prints and drawings). This also goes for works of art of non-Dutch or non-Flemish origin.***

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