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Request examination with infrared reflectography (IRR)

Infrared reflectography is a research method allowing optical penetration of paint layers, which, in the right circumstances, can make a design or sketch on the ground layer visible. This so-called underdrawing is the first layout of a composition on the preparation layer of a panel or canvas, that is subsequently executed in paint. Examination with infrared reflectography can give us an impression of this stage in the creative process, which is normally hidden beneath the paint surface. The technique can also reveal changes in the paint layers themselves. For more information see the Introduction to infrared examination on (in Dutch only).

Thanks to the support of The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) the RKD has had its own IRR equipment since 1995. We use this equipment to carry out research for own projects but also to examine paintings at the request of museums, auction houses, art dealers and private collectors.

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Dr Margreet Wolters
T: 070 3339777

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