Vincent Willem van Gogh

man / Nederlands
kunstverzamelaar, auteur
Vincent van Gogh left his paintings to his younger brother Theo at his death. After the death of Theo, the paintings came under the management of Theo's widow Jo van Gogh-Bonger. After Jo's death in 1925, the collection to son Vincent Willem van Gogh inherited the collection. This Vincent Willem van Gogh founded the Vincent van Gogh Foundation in 1960 and became chairman of it. Thanks in part to his dedication, the Van Gogh Museum was established: in 1962 the family gave the entire collection of paintings, drawings and Van Gogh's letters as a permanent loan to the State of the Netherlands in return for a sum of money. This collection forms the basis of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, which opened in 1973.
Parijs 1890-01-31
Laren (Noord-Holland) 1978-01-28
in dit veld wordt een familierelatie met één of meer andere kunstenaars vermeld.
Son of Theo van Gogh (1857-1891) and Johanna van Gogh-Bonger (1862-1925), nephew of Vincent van Gogh
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in dit veld vindt u verwijzingen naar een groepsnaam of naar de kunstenaars die deel uitma(a)k(t)en van de groep. Ook kunt u verwijzingen naar andere kunstenaars aantreffen als het gaat om samenwerking zonder dat er sprake is van een groep(snaam). Dit is bijvoorbeeld het geval bij kunstenaars die gedeelten in werken van een andere kunstenaar voor hun rekening hebben genomen (zoals bij P.P. Rubens en J. Brueghel I).
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Biografische gegevens
Werkzame periode
1925 - 1965
ca. 1925-1960
Werkzaam in
Hier wordt vermeld waar de kunstenaar (langere tijd) heeft gewerkt en in welke periode. Ook relevante studiereizen worden hier vermeld.
  • Parijs
    Cité Pigalle 8; the first months of his life he was raised here (Stolwijk/Thompson/Van Heugten 1999, pp. 48-51 and 56; Hokkaido 2002, p. 254)
  • Bussum
    Koningslaan 4; After the death of his Father, His mother and he returned to the Netherlands, where he lived with his mother in Villa Helma, which she runned as a guesthouse (Hokkaido 2002, p. 254; Meyjes 2007, p.47)
  • Bussum 1901
    Regentesselaan 39; When Vincent Willem was 11 years old, his mother remarried with Johan Cohen Gosschalk (1873-1912). The family moved to a new house called 'Eikenhof' (Hokkaido 2002, p.254)
  • Amsterdam 1904 - 1907
    In 1904 the family moved to into an upstairs apartment on the corner of the Koninginneweg/Brachthuizerstraat 2 (Hokkaido 2002, p. 254)
  • Delft 1907 - 1913
    He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Delft and graduated in 1913
  • Hautes-Pyrénées (dept.) 1914 - 1915
    He got a job with the General Security Bank in The Hague and he was sent to France as a supervisor (Hokkaido 2002, p. 255)
  • Parijs 1914
    He got a job with the General Security Bank in The Hague and he was sent to France as a supervisor; he got married with Josina Wibaut (1890-1933) (Hokkaido 2002, p. 255)
  • New York City 1915-10 - 1918
    The young couple left for the United States without any great means of support. On arrival Vincent found work in the drawing office of the Public Service Electric Company in Newark. After this he worked in a purchasing office. In this function he was sent to the West Coast twice (Hokkaido 2002, p. 255)
  • Kobe (Japan) 1918 - 1919
    For his work he was send to Japan, where he lived with his wife in Japan (Hokkaida 2002, p.255)
  • Newark (Delaware) 1919 - 1920
    They returned to the United States, where Vincent Willem worked for a foundry (Hokkaido 2002, p. 255)
  • Amsterdam 1920 - 1923
    Alexander Boersstraat 13; the family moved back to The Netherlands (Hokkaido 2002, p. 255)
  • Amsterdam 1923 - 1927
    Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 10 (Hokkaido 2002, p. 255)
  • Laren (Noord-Holland) 1927-04
    After the death of his mother, Vincent had a large extension built on the summer house called 't Lanthuys' at Rosenlaantje 12, which his mother had bought. The family moved into the spacious renovated house, where Vincent lived until his death (Hokkaido 2002, p. 255)
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