Louis XII de France

man / Frans
king of France and for a short while king of Naples
Blois 1462-06-27
Parijs 1515-01-01
in dit veld wordt een familierelatie met één of meer andere kunstenaars vermeld.
son of Charles of Orléans and Maria of Cleves; husband of Johanna, a daughter of Lodewijk XI (his father-in-law hoped to extinguish the Orléans line of the Valois dynasty by marrying him to his sterile daughter); he succeeded his cousin Charles VIII, when he died without an heir in 1498. After his succession, he had his marriage annulled by the pope and married to Anne of Brittany, widow of Charles VIII. he himself was succeeded by his second cousin and son-in-law François I, the husband of his daughter in 1515
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  • Italië 1494 - 1498
    he was one of the French commanders during the Italian War
  • Frankrijk 1498 - 1500
  • Milaan 1500
    After his succession he continued the (2nd) Italian War. His first conquest was Milan.
  • Napels 1504
    In 1501 he became king of naples, that he had to relinquished however again in 1504 to king Ferdinand II of Aragon
  • Tours (Frankrijk) 1506
    Louis was a very popular monarch, as he did not try to become an absolute monarch and did not meddle with the power of his nobles. He became known as 'Father of the People', when he lowered the unpopular tax called 'taille', reformed the legal system and concluded a general peace all over France
  • Parijs 1506 - 1515
    From 1506 onward he waged a 3rd Italian War (he kept title Duke of Milan all his life).
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