Kunsthandel Simonis & Buunk

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kunsthandel (bedrijf), taxateur
The history of the company dates back to the beginning of the 1950s, when J. M. Simonis sr. (1898-1969) opened an art dealership in Apeldoorn. In 1973, Rien Simonis (1935-1998) took over the business from his father and continued the company in Ede, at the Notaris Fischerstraat 30. Frank Buunk (b. 1956) became a partner in 1977. During the 1970s and 1980s Simonis & Buunk got caught up in a legal battle because they revolted to the Winkelsluitingswet, which prohibited them from opening their dealership on sundays. This got them a lot of fees and a lot of publicity at the same time. Meanwhile, the company was making a name for itself as an authority regarding 19th century painting. In 1984, Buunk was sworn in as an appraiser, the youngest in the Netherlands at that time. In 1985, Simonis stepped back from the business to focus on conserving and restoring paintings, and Buunk and his wife Mariette Simonis stepped in. Over the years they made a lot of extraordinary purchases, from artists like Breitner, Schelfhout and Mondriaan, to name a few. From 1996 onwards the art dealership shifted its focus to acquiring and selling modern art as well as 19th century art, so their collection now ranges from 1800 until the 1970s. Today the art dealership has a prominent place within the art world. Their collection is distributed over three buildings in the Notaris Fischerstraat and a sculpture garden. Each building has a different theme, the 19th century salon (no. 30) , 20th century gallery (no. 19) and the Fischer house with its sculpture garden (no. 27). They also have a restauration workshop (Collection of Press Documentation,
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1973 - 2016
active until present day (March 2016)
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Hier wordt vermeld waar de kunstenaar (langere tijd) heeft gewerkt en in welke periode. Ook relevante studiereizen worden hier vermeld.
  • Ede 1973 - 2016
    Notaris Fischerstraat 19, 27, 30; each location has a different theme and displays a certain part of their collection
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