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Ferdinand II of Habsburg - Holy Roman Emperor

Brünn (Südmähren) 1578-07-09
Wenen 1637-02-15
He was buried in his Mausoleum in Graz. His heart was interred in the Herzgruft (heart crypt) of the Augustinian Church, Vienna. (Wikipedia)
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Son of Charles II, Archduke of Austria, and Maria Anna of Bavaria. He was married twice: 1) Maria Anna of Bavaria and 2) Eleonor Gonzaga; father of his successor Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor; Maria Anna, Electress of Bavaria and Cecilia Renata, Queen of Poland
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  • Ingolstadt 1595
    Education with the Jesuits and later at the University
  • Loreto (Italië)
    on a pilgrimage
  • Rome
    on a pilgrimage
  • Praag 1617
    elected as king of Bohemia by the catholic diet in opposition with Frederick of the Palatine (the 'Winterking', the champion of the Protestants); his devout Catholicism and negative regard of Protestantism caused immediate turmoil in his non-Catholic subjects, especially in Bohemia. He did not wish to uphold the religious liberties granted that the Letter of Majesty conceded, signed by the previous emperor, Rudolph II, which had guaranteed the freedom of religion to the nobles and the inhabitants of the cities. Additionally, Ferdinand was an absolutist monarch and infringed several historical privileges of the nobles. Given the relatively great number of Protestants in the kingdom, including some of the nobles, the king's unpopularity soon caused the Bohemian Revolt. The Second Defenestration of Prague of 22 May 1618 is considered the first step of the Thirty Years' War. (Wikipedia)
  • Boedapest 1618
    elected as king of Hungary by the catholic estates. His military actions against the protestants in Prague started the Thirthies Years War.
  • Wenen 1619 - 1637
    elected as successor to the childless emperor Matthias
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