Maximiliaan de Hase

Brussel 1713
Brussel 1781-05-24/1787
buried 26 May 1781 in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw ter Finisterrae (Brussel)s; Brosens 2004, p. 361
in dit veld wordt een familierelatie met één of meer andere kunstenaars vermeld.
nephew of Jan van Orley; De Hase’s mother was Jan’s sister, Catharina van Orley.
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Biografische gegevens
Werkzame periode
1726 - 1781
Werkzaam in
Hier wordt vermeld waar de kunstenaar (langere tijd) heeft gewerkt en in welke periode. Ook relevante studiereizen worden hier vermeld.
  • Brussel 1726 - 1735-08
    In 1726, at the age of 13, he registered for drawing lessons from Philippe de Hondt (1683–1741) (Brosens 2012/3);
  • Rome 1735 - 1743
    De Hase made his will in Brussels on 5 August 1735, possibly in preparation for his departure, and on 17 July 1736 he is recorded in a Brussels document as “residing in Rome;” Notariaat Generaal van Brabant, 1088 (5 August 1735), and 1090 (17 July 1736: “woonende tot Roomen”). According to Mensaert, his inheritance from van Orley enabled him to go and live in Rome for seven years. That sojourn is placed somewhat hesitantly between 1739 and 1746 in the literature, but archival documents suggest that de Hase may have left Brussels in the summer of 1735, shortly after he came into his inheritance, and that he was living in Rome by July 1736 at the latest. Since he is recorded as a master painter in Brussels on 1 January 1744 and then began keeping his Memorie boeck, thus emphatically marking the start of a new stage in his life, it is likely that he returned from Rome in 1743, which means that he would indeed have spent around seven years there (Brosens 2012/3).
  • Brussel 1744 - 1745
    became a master on 1 January 1744.
  • Rome 1745 - 1746
    became a member of the Academia di San Luca on 4 September 1746 (Noack 1927). He may have been back in Rome for a while in the closing months of 1745 and the spring and summer of 1746, for on 4 September 1746 he became a member of the Acca-demia del Disegno di San Luca there,²¹ and he made no entries in his Memorie boeck between April 1745 and Oc-tober 1746 (Brosens 2012/3)
  • Brussel 1746 - 1781
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