Joan Huydecoper

Amsterdam 1625-02-18/1625-02-21
christened on February 21, 1625
Amsterdam 1704-12-01
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  • Utrecht 1640
    c. study at the University: he lived with the ector magnificus Gisbertus Voetius
  • Leiden 1646
    wrote his dissertation in Leiden
  • Saumur (Maine-et-Loire) 1647
    after his stay in France, he had the intention of travelling to Italy by way of Switzerland. As he however spend far too much money per month (fl., 300 a month on avarage, equivalent to a good yearly salary), his father stopped his allowance
  • Genève 1647
    For lack of money, he had to stay in Geneva
  • Amsterdam 1650 - 1704
    ca. 1650-1704; on 12 March 1656 he married in Amsterdam and worked on the Keizersgracht for the Firm of Coymans. Here he quickly came into conflict with his mother-in-law, the redoutable Sophia Trip. As a result Joan and his wife moved to Lauriergracht 86, staying on his estate Goudenstein outside Amsterdam when possible. Between 1673 and 1693 he was 13 times burgomaster of Amsterdam, was a board member of the VOC and Councillor of the Amsterdam Admiralty in 1681
  • Berlijn 1655
    accompagnied his father and Pieter de Graeff to Berlin to negotiate an alliance against Sweden
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