Negentiende-eeuwse Atelierpraktijk

Archief en collectie Schwartze/Ansingh
Opmerking datering
Trefwoord persoon
Rafaël (kunstenaar)
Rembrandt (kunstenaar)
Schwartze, Thérèse (kunstenaar)
Tiziano (kunstenaar)
Velázquez, Diego Rodriguez de Silva y (kunstenaar)
Wheeler, Edward J. (kunstenaar)
Schwartze, Thérèse (ontvanger/aangeschrevene)
Wheeler, Edward J. (auteur/correspondent)
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Engels [TA]
[1:2] [...] It is rather rough on me to accuse E.J.W of not appreciating [Rembrandt [onderstreept], I adore him I should have thought it the highest honour to have polished his boots [illustratie] or to have cleaned his palette (not palate, [illustratie] or to have fetched his BEEr but I have other little niches where I bend the Knee, the shire of Titian, Raphaels high altar, Valasquez.s temple Etcetera [1:3] Great spirits who have not robbed us of the Sun as the Great Dutchman did a little too often he was so fond of groping in darkways, but I fear I am trespassing on dangerous ground & for one reason only one, I swear, am glad you are not here to strike me down for such Blasphemy but when you come back, which I sincerely hoop will be soon, I shall be willing to become your pupil & to like anything you admire I thoroughly enjoyed our little art discussions, quite a treat for me [illustratie met onderschrift:] (Wheeler worshipping the Great Rembrandt Can you spare me a photograph of yourself I should like it very much [1:4] Ended too soon, I hope your sitters are better than mine I have a frightful job sometimes to set people to sit, especially the people I want. Kindly Excuse this rambling Epistle as I am writing in quite a Rembrandt light or rather dark [...]
invloed oude meesters; kunstenaarsgesprek; kunstenaarskritiek; licht in het schilderij; portretteren


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